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United States Magnet Pack

United States Magnet Pack

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Magnet pack includes: 50 magnets, one of each state design NOT INCLUDING D.C., US Territories, or any Freely Associated States.

Each magnet is approximately 2.5x2.5"

States DO NOT fit together perfectly into the completed US as they are not all to scale.

To see a particular state, check out our individual magnet listings on on our shop page!

Perfect for cars and fridges and lockers and other metal things. Use: Decorative and/or to hold light pieces of paper (not to hold up anything super heavy duty).

Returns, exchanges, and refunds not permitted. If any of your items arrive damaged, I'll send you a new one right away! I do allow cancellations if I haven't yet shipped your order. If you encounter a problem, please feel free to reach out to me through Etsy!

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